Education Improvement Grant

The purpose of the Education Improvement Grant (EIG) in Brynllywarch Hall School and across Wales is to improve educational outcomes for all of our learners. The grant is to help reduce the impact of deprivation on learner outcomes with a clear focus on the following priorities:

  • Improve the quality of teaching & learning;
  • Address learners’ barriers to learning and improving inclusion;
  • Improve the leadership of educational settings;
  • Improve learner engagement and provision.

The EIG supports national priorities for schools in Wales to:

  • Improve outcomes in literacy and numeracy and reduce the impact of deprivation on educational outcomes.
  • To support the strategic objectives set out in ‘Qualified for Life’, the Welsh Government’s long-term vision for education for 3-19 year old learners in Wales.
  • The grant is intended to ensure a better alignment between strategy and policy objectives as well as implementation and delivery.
  • Brynllywarch Hall School’s Development Plan includes use of the EIG as part of the funding for driving school improvement.

Further information regarding Brynllywarch’s EIG allocation can be found here.