Animal Provision

Here at Brynllywarch we have a range of animals that that are used for our BTEC qualifications.  They are also used as part of our therapeutic provision, whether it’s as a reward for completing their work in class or as a targeted intervention to aid their social and emotional development.

Benefits of being around animals:

Social Benefit:  A visit with an animal provides a positive mutual topic for discussion, promotes greater self – esteem and well – being and focused interactions with others.

Physical Benefits:  Interaction with animals reduces blood pressure, provides tactile stimulation, assists with pain management, gives motivation to move, walk and stimulates the senses.

Cognitive Benefits:  Companionship with any animal stimulates memory, problem solving and game playing.

Interacting with an animal can also have the following effects:

  • Releases calming endorphins (oxytocin)
  • Lift spirits and lessen depression
  • Lower feelings of isolation
  • Lessens boredom
  • Can reduce levels of anxiety
  • Can raise levels of empathy and emotional intelligence.