Pupil Development Grant

The Pupil Development Grant (PDG)

The Welsh Government believes that the Pupils Development Grant, is the best way to address the inequalities between disadvantaged pupils and their peers.  The money given to schools is in addition to the schools main funding and is used to promote strategies to ensure that the standards achieved by all pupils are equal regardless of any disadvantaged situation.

The school has set an action plan which outlines the steps to be taken in order to ensure improvement s in pupil’s performance in literacy and numeracy with effective deployment of the PDG funding.

Our strategies include extra support to implement specific interventions such as:-

  1. Lexia programme
  2. Catch-up literacy and Numeracy and staff development for these programmes.
  3. Further develop our emotional support in the school.
  4. Inclusion for all in rewards and positive experiences.
  5. Increasing access to our cycling initiative through the purchase of bikes.
  6. Continue to support riding and equine therapy.
  7. To support a varied timetable of extra-curricular activities to include many areas of outdoor education.